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Mountain Bike

Ride the Change: Pioneering Micro-Mobility Distribution.


Get to Know Us

Founded in 2021, Welans Ltd. is rooted in the vision of pioneering an alternative mode of transportation that aligns with the ethos of our community in Brighton, UK. We are dedicated to offering the most accessible solutions to society’s mobility needs. Recognizing the growing carbon emissions worldwide and the associated rise in health issues such as obesity and heart disease due to inactivity, we at Welans believe in the bicycle as a vital solution to these pressing concerns.

Our mission is to channel our expertise into enhancing micro-mobility, fostering better health, and reducing carbon emissions. As we strive for these goals, we are committed to ensuring that small local businesses do not suffer in the wake of change. We support these vital community pillars by providing the necessary education to adapt to an evolving world, seamlessly integrating traditional values with modern innovation in our journey towards a healthier, greener future.


Welans is a leading distributor, manufacturer, and consultancy firm in the micromobility market in Turkey and the United Kingdom. We offer comprehensive solutions to brands for entering and growing in these two markets.


  • We are the Turkish and UK distributor of leading micromobility brands.

  • We have a wide distribution and service network that reaches every corner of both countries.

  • We support the marketing and sales activities of brands.

White Label Manufacturing

  • If you want to produce bicycles under your own brand, we offer you white label manufacturing service.

  • We manage the production process from A to Z.

  • We produce high quality and reliable products.


  • We provide consultancy services to brands that want to enter the Turkish and UK markets.

  • We support market research, competitor analysis, marketing and sales strategy.

  • We provide guidance on compliance with local regulations.

Why Welans?

  • We have an experienced and expert team.

  • We have a strong distribution and service network.

  • We have a deep knowledge of the Turkish and UK markets.

  • We offer customized solutions to our customers.

For more information about our services or to consult us, please use

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